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Since 1985, we’ve been supplying top quality sails for dayboats, cruisers and racing yachts. Designed using state-of-the-art computer software, every sail bearing the Kemp logo is made to the same exacting standards by our experienced sailmakers, whose technical expertise is backed by practical, on-the-water experience. At Kemp, we believe in blending modern technology with traditional skills and sailmaking theory with a sound knowledge of what really works in practice. That way you can be sure your new sails will not only fit well and enhance your boat’s performance, but also give you many years’ service.

Your side of the bargain is to talk to us about your sailing. Buying sails is a two-way process, we’re here to listen and advise, but we can only do so if you explain your needs and expectations. Having gathered the information we need, we’ll give you everything possible to help you choose the right sail specification. We appreciate that, with sails, you’re effectively ‘buying blind’ - you don’t have the chance to examine another sail like yours before placing an order. With your quote, we include a full list of technical features and even a cloth sample; we don’t expect you to make a decision based simply on a price and a few measurements.

Bill Whitehead Sadler 26
2007-07-11, 16:56
I received my new genoa from you this friday - well ahead of the expected delivery date.

I used the sail this weekend and am delighted with the … read more

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