marilyn moore
2016-10-31, 19:24
Shade sail. We had ordered and it was made and delivered before the month was up. It is very well made and looks wonderfull in the garden. Wonderfull staff, very helpful, thanks Becky for all your advice. If we ever want another shade sail we will return to you
Jack Berger - CATALINA 320
2016-06-14, 01:35
It was always a drag to take off the mainsail cover off, and put it back on. My boat came with a Dutchman so I used it for years. I started exploring different stack-pack designs, and liked the Kemp concept. The cost was reasonable, but shipping to the U.S. added a bit. After using it for a month I cannot rave enough about it. It has made going out for a sail so much easier, and dowsing the sail, even in strong winds a much more controlled affair. I highly recommend the Packaway to anyone who wants to spend more time sailing, and less time covering their sails.
Nick Wright - HUNTER DELTA 25
2015-06-03, 12:34
We have now had our sails for nearly three months. It has transformed the sailing experience for us. Clearly having roller furling makes as real difference in terms of ease of reefing and getting the boat ready, but the pack-away system also makes a significant difference. This means we are spending more time sailing and less time getting the boat ready/packing it away.

The performance of the boat has really been improved – both in terms of speed but also ease of handling. When the gusts come rather than heeling the boat speeds up! We have sailed in light airs and with two reefs and the boat handled well in all conditions. Although I hope not to need the third reef it is comforting to have it there if we ever get caught out.

Overall we are delighted with the sails and really appreciate the advice and the service Kemp provided through the process – I am not sure what more you could have done.
Simon Pettit - Bavaria 37
2014-10-16, 13:31
"Beauties, first sail today currently reaching in 12 - 17 knots true from Calshot to Lucas and storming!

Very pleased with the new sails (VBM In-Mast Main & Genoa), awesome!"
David Watkins - MOODY 47
2014-09-11, 17:18
"You may remember that I ordered a new main sail from you this time last year Just to let you know that after a summer of sailing in the Med I am delighted with the sail The in-mast furling is back to being very easy in spite of my misgivings with the battens and I reckon that I am pointing 5 degrees higher with the same leeway and speed....I Suppose I had better start saving pennies for a new genoa to match!"
Martin James - Southerly 105
2014-08-26, 11:26
Received the new Kemp furling mainsail last week, fitted the new sail over the weekend, plus went out for a sail on Saturday. I am delighted to report that the new main furls in and out as is should, which is a great improvement on the previous arrangement, plus the new main performed very well in the 3-4 conditions we enjoyed in the river Medway this weekend.

Thank you very much for your advice and guidance on the selection of the new furling mainsail, along with the quick turn around in producing and shipping the new sail, which means I can enjoy the remainder of the season.

Great customer service, well done to you and the team at Kemp sails.
Keith Young - Westerly Oceanlord
2014-07-03, 11:00
A report back...

very happy indeed.

The higher foot of the genoa makes solent sailing that much safer. I have to be pointing about 10 degrees higher. Anything on the beam or further forward I've got 1.5kts extra speed. Most noticeable in light airs: I'm getting six knots where we would have got 4.5, 5 where we would have got 3. I'm just not used to overtaking other boats and pointing higher than them.

Stack pack is great too. Oh so much easier than the old lazyjacks and no spending 15 mins with the sail cover putting the sails to bed.

Once again...thanks for everything Keith
Chris Morton Jeanneau SunCharm 39
2014-06-12, 16:59
Just a quick lIne to say the sails are great. Many Thanks
Mike Tennuci COUNTESS 28
2014-06-05, 17:46
My ordered sail arrived last Friday and was fitted on Saturday. The sail was a perfect fit and I was immensely pleased. Having just completed a four day voyage in a variety condition the sail was excellent.
I will recommended your teams help and service to everyone.
Thanks very much.
Jon Dodd TRAPPER TS 240
2014-05-21, 17:18
I have been very pleased with the furling Genoa and furler you fitted me out with a couple of years ago.....
Alan Elworthy - Van de Stadt Falco
2007-07-11, 16:57
The sails are excellent and my boat sails better than she ever has.
Neil Cowell - Najad 331
2007-07-11, 16:57
Thank you very much for your prompt attention to our concerns about our new mainsail. Your visit and advice was very much appreciated by Ian and me. We have sorted out the cunningham as you suggested and find it very effective and easy to use. We have also modified the gooseneck fitting to take up the slack and this has made a substantial difference to luff tension allowing us to refit a snap shackle to the main halyard. Just thought I should let you know your time was not wasted. We managed to outpoint a Bavaria 38 trying very hard so we were pleased with our afternoon!
Bill Whitehead Sadler 26
2007-07-11, 16:56
I received my new genoa from you this friday - well ahead of the expected delivery date.

I used the sail this weekend and am delighted with the results. It fitted perfectly, set very well and probably added 1/2 knot to boat speed and allowed us to point 5 or so degrees higher.

Thanks for such excellent service.
Dave & Sandy Coleman Contest 42
2007-07-11, 16:56
Many thanks to everyone involved in the production of our 2 Packaway systems. They were delivered as promised on Wednesday and are now fitted and look fantastic.

Thanks again for your help in meeting our date to enable us to set off for our long distance cruising.
David Collinson, Tomahawk 25 Keewaydin
2007-07-11, 16:36
I would like you to tell all at Kemps how very pleased we are with the new Power Main, the stack pack and lazy jacks.

The whole parcel was waiting for us in Vilamoura when we arrived, it had taken only two days to get here.

As soon as we could we fitted the bag and the lazy jacks, I did not fit the lazy jacks to the mast as this would have meant looking for a pop riveter, but instead I bought out Barton stay cleats with an eye in them and attached these to the top mast stays very high up, and the system works very well.

Next we fitted the main and WOW! what a lovely shape. Then we went sailing and had to reef down to the first reef, but Keewaydin fairly flew, 23 knots apparent wind at times and over 6 knots just free. The conditions have been like that since we fitted the main, enjoyable sailing with about 2.5 metres swell, but we do want to sail under the full main.

I found your papers on how to set up the main and tune the rig very helpful. I should never have doubted that the main would fit perfectly first time, you assured me that it would, and you were right. So glad I came to see you bat the Boat Show!

We are delighted with the sail and can't wait for the opportunity to sail under the full rig. Please thank all concerned.