Power Main

Power MainThe popularity of Fully-Battened mainsails is well known and this subject has been extensively covered by the Yachting Press. However, these glowing reports tend to be biased towards more modern yachts with new mast designs, with no reference being made to the vast majority of sailors who own older style yachts.

As one of the market leaders in fully-battened mainsails, we at KEMP have a wealth of knowledge in batten technology.We often find a large number of owners are incorrectly advised towards fully-battened mainsails! A correctly fitting fully-battened mainsail is wonderful. It generates more power, reduces flogging and makes the boat closer winded so our design brief was to incorporate all these benefits into a sail which would fit the older style masts.The problem with fullybattened sails on these masts is the cars which have to be used to transmit the compression from the full length batten into the mast. Use full length battens with normal sliders and you will find that the sail will not go up or come down easily. Use proper compression cars and they foul on the older style mast gates which are usually located high up from the gooseneck and stand proud of the mast.The answer was staring us in the face ..... use battens which do not go right to the luff.

Our “POWER MAIN SYSTEM” produces all the benefits of full batten sails.They will fit any mast type, work superbly with “PACKAWAY” Mainsail Stacking Systems and above all are a fraction of the cost of fully-battened sails. The “POWER MAIN SYSTEM” can be specified with one of our new Mainsail ranges or, alternatively, can be retro-fitted to any good quality sail in reasonable condition.


* Powerful sail shape
* Easy to handle
* Reduces flogging and improves durability
* Sail trim advantages over fully battened sails
* Fits all mast types
* Fraction of the cost of fully battened sails
* Can be retro-fitted to existing sails


* x 4 Power Main battens
* Our unique velcro closure system on leech
* Double skinned teflon re-inforced pockets, carrierextends to luff of sail
* Luff cunningham fitted as standard