Compared with other types of rig, the modern Bermudan sail plan is highly efficient to windward. Downwind, though, it's a different story - and that's where spinnakers and cruising chutes come in. 
If you've been put off spinnakers by witnessing or experiencing wraps, broaches and assorted mishaps, take heart. By following a few simple rules and not trying anything too ambitious, you'll find it's all pretty simple!
Rolling up Cruising Chutes, Gennakers and Asymmetric Spinnakers - using a Hi-Modulus Torque rope, with a swivel at the Sail's Tack and a 'continuous line' furling system. 
With its clew higher than the tack, it looks like a Cruising Chute, but with much more curvature and area on the Luff and Leech.