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2019, The Year For Adventure

It's a new year, time to jump on the boat and go in search for new places, experiences and water!



Explore Locally

If you're lucky enough to be local to our loft, you'll know how good the local cruising is around the south coast. From a quick picnic trip over to Brownsea island, or a day trip to Old Harry. If you're luck and the winds in your favour, a quick trip over to the Isle of wight can make you realise how you wish that you'd do this regularly. More often than not, its the treasures more locally to you that you've never visited or haven't been to in years that bring the joy of day cruising home.

Further Afield

The channel isn't as intimidating as it may seem, if you've never ventured over. This could be the year you do. The sights of Guernsey, Jersey and Alderney attract hundreds of cruisers every year, a quick search online and a flick through the almanac will soon persuade you to slip lines and head south in search of new ground you've never seen in your own pride and joy.



The Evening

Thinking of trying something new this year? It could be racing your yacht. Most yacht clubs along the south coast have evening and weekend racing for everyone. Dinghies up to Grand-prix club racers venture out to compete against others to see who's fastest. At first this can be a complex assortment of flags, horns and other boats. But everyone is more than happy to help. After all the more boats on the water, the better the racing.

The Week Off Work

If all you've done up till now is the odd evening race, and you've enjoyed it, the next step would be to ventured further afield and race against more, bigger and better (maybe) boats. Taking a week off to go over to Cowes for the infamous Cowes week or stay closer and compete in Poole Regatta, go the other way to the picturesque Dartmouth Regatta.


If, this new year, your resolution is to get out on the water more. Make sure that your sails are up for the journey you're going to be taking them on. Send them in for a quick once over by our skilled sail-care team. Or treat yourself and dress your boat correctly for the adventure with a new suit of Kemp sails. Whatever you need or require, we're always happy to help.

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